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Patient stories

Physical exercises for hematology patients

Life with multiple myeloma

About disease
The purpose of this website is to give you and your loved ones as much valuable information on this hematological disease as possible. It is designed to help you understand the information given by the physicians and the medical staff.
The text is written in a comprehensible manner. It presents various possible reasons for the onset of the disease, symptoms and the path to diagnosing multiple myeloma. You will learn about what to expect from various treatment options currently available. A lot of attention has been placed on the social aspect of the disease, as many patients find care and support from other patients to be of utmost help.
We hope that this information will offer useful explanations and complement the instructions and information given to you by your personal physician/hematologist. Please refer to the medical staff for a clear explanation of your condition and treatment possibilities available to you.
Multiple myeloma treatment options have increased significantly over the past decade. New treatments have been made available to doctors and offered to patients. This has signifficantly improved treatment outcomes and the quality of life of multiple myeloma patients. People respond differently to treatment. Your doctor will assess your medical history, treatment goals and lifestyle before recommending the best treatment plan for you. They will look at factors such as your age and individual profile. If your multiple myeloma has progressed, your doctor will also take into account how you've reacted to your treatment for multiple myeloma in the past.
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Patient stories

Life with multiple myeloma: Enjoy in every day - Alen's story

Watch the video of the patient sharing his experience on how he copes with multiple myeloma. Find out how he has found the strenght to enjoy in every day and stay positive.

Life with multiple myeloma: move forward | Patient Story

Watch the video of the patient sharing her experience on how she copes with multiple myeloma. Find out why it is important to stay positive about the treatment and never look back.


Life with multiple myeloma: stay positive | Patient Story

Watch the video of the patient sharing her experience on how she copes with multiple myeloma. Find out why it is important to listen to your body and do what you love.