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Psoriasis is not just a skin disease

Psoriasis is not just dry flaky "scales" on the skin. Individuals who suffer from psoriasis are afraid of rejection or lack of personal and family life, of having a hard time finding a job, and of psoriasis-related complications that can ultimately lead to disability.
Patients with psoriasis can be faced with widespread intolerance. Their quality of life is drastically reduced because of the symptoms of psoriasis.
Unpleasant psoriasis symptoms and the widespread negative social attitude to psoriasis can have an extreme negative impact on the patient's self-esteem; patients may feel misunderstood, marginalised, or stigmatised. For all these reasons, patients with psoriasis should carefully monitor their emotional state. Successful management of psoriasis largely depends on whether patient can rely on their family and friends to support him/her in difficult moments.

Below please find typical symptoms of depression that can be observed in persons with psoriasis. If you think you experience the majority of these symptoms, you should seek medical help.
  • change of appetite and weight (lack of appetite, weight loss or increase appetite and weight gain)
  • change in sleeping patterns (long sleep, difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking up at night or waking up too early)
  • slow body movements, walking slowly, or anxiety and agitation
  • poor libido
  • lack of energy, weakness, extreme fatigue
  • loss of interest in things you used to enjoy; inability to experience pleasure
  • anxiety
  • nervousness for trivial reasons, irritability, unexpected hostility
  • difficulty concentrating
  • feeling of uselessness, guilt, failure
  • hopelessness
  • hypochondria or being extremely anxious about your health
  • suicidal thoughts, desire of death